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True Jungle Souljahs was formed by a collective of friends who all had an appreciation for diverse styles of electronic music and the everyday junglist culture. TJS parties present a collaboration of hip hop, drum and bass, jungle, dubstep, breaks and many other sub genres.  The concept of  TJS was to throw parties where friends could get together to dance, laugh and listen to underground sounds that you don’t hear at regular clubs. TJS parties have also involved graph demos, art exhibitions and fundraising events. Working alongside venues such as The Club House, Toast, Transit Bar, Red Gecko, UC Bar,Babylon and Scope Cafe.  The frontline of souljahs continues to expand in 2012, stay up to date with whats happening by joining the forum.

Each year TJS throw a secret party… last year was Scope Mount Stromlo…keep checking this website for clues as to what 2012 will bring you!


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Technical Itch @ Toast





You were taken too soon brother.

(dj bio taken from the True Jungle Souljahs archive circa 2005)

Escha started listening to electronic music back in 94, soon after he and his friend scraped enough money together to by some cheap ass belt drive turntables from Cash Converters. At about the same time his sister came back from the UK with her boyfriend in tow and it turned out this boyfriend was a bit of a Junglist and decided to buy some 1200’s. As Escha had always been into hip hop, he was instantly drawn to the Jungle sound and was lucky enough to learn fundamental mixing techniques from this old school Junglist

After months of practice Escha had his first gig at his friend’s house party where about 150+ people decided to turn up, including some well know DJ’s from Sydney and the dog squad. After getting props from the Sydney DJ’s and his mates for his skills, and almost having his sister’s boyfriend’s turntables confiscated by the cops, he really got into the DJ culture and especially Jungle Drum and Bass.

Escha continued to mix DnB for several years playing at many Canberra night clubs, Raves and also in Sydney. Escha’s most memorable gig was held at the National Aquarium with 1000+ people in attendance. There are even rumours of Escha killing fish with his baselines that night. Escha doesn’t confirm or deny anything.

In 2000 Escha travelled to London, the home of Jungle, to experience the culture first hand. While only playing one DJ set in London, Escha spent a majority of his time and money looking for and buying DnB records all the way from Bristol to Brighton, especially the old school Jungle that Escha had been raised on.

After many FIED nights in London, Escha returned to Canberra in 2002 and hooked up with long time friend DJ Paf from Synapse and was helping promote DnB in Canberra once again.

More recently Escha has hooked up with fellow Junglists, Ben Jammin’ and Eska who run True Jungle Souljahs and supports most of the international DnB artists that come to Canberra.




Eska’s a pioneer True Jungle Souljah, who has been tearing up clubs in Canberra for ten years. A proud wax only deejay, packing the hardest and darkest tracks from 1995-2005 in her crate . Most memorable TJS moment – playing before her hero Tech Itch @ Toast Nightclub 2005.”Every set I play, I’ll be thinking of Escha”


Benjammin’ is a vinyl only dj who plays strictly jungle and drumnbass, with a unique, energetic style and strong focus on old school jump up and dark tech step. He was introduced to jungle in the 90’s by Peter Priceless (now Killosis) who in turn gave him his first record, the ‘Jump Up Throw Down’ compilation. He consider ‘s himself an everyday junglist, wear’s a hoodie, drinks longnecks, swears alot and gets rowdy at every opportunity.



Local badboy selecta and party promoter julz started mixing records with his big brother dj kaos when he was only 14. You can catch dred every Wednesday night on ucfm from 9pm or go have a chat with him on the forum.



A disturbed humanoid, who creates dark and brooding electronic music in all shapes and forms, mainly drum n bass. The overall style and feel of these abominations are usually sinister free forms with a solid emphasise on the deep, dark and powerful unknown forces within the universe.

Having supplied weapons to such terror groups as Obscene, Barcode, Hell’s Basement, Order in Kaos, and TechCycle recordings, Centaspike has managed to develop a reputation for provding some of the most menacing and hallucinogenic arrangements of sound known to humankind.



Para used to DJ a bit, he could even mix TWO records together fooling the crowd into thinking it was ONE track!
Then he stopped for a number of years for no real reason at all. Now he’s back and shittier than ever since he’s forgotten how to mix, only has old shit tracks and is married (so he can’t even pick up the hot babez). Lame.


Crooked Sound System is a combination of DJs/producers/promoters Remedy and Skully.

They go deep and play original sets which are thought out and showcase their skills and original productions. We have a diverse range of influences (Dubstep, Grime, 2 step, Garage, Drum n Bass, Reggae, Dub, Breaks and Hip Hop)

Support slots include; Cotti (UK) Wiley, Skepta and Bless Beats (UK), Seven (UK), SPL(USA), Survival (UK) Aquasky (UK), DJ Shortkut (US, Beat Junkies), Mindscape (Hungary), Danny Byrd (UK), Brookes Brothers (UK), Drummatic twins (UK), Spoonbill, The Herd, Downsyde, , Koolism, Bliss n Eso, Muph and Plutonic.

Check out our mixes on Soundcloud and join us on  Facebook:


http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Crooke … 7493082554

A big junglist welcome to our newest recruit to the TJS ranks!


Zerosis started his music journey at the age of 14 when he started learning the saxophone. After 2 years of playing jazz and funk he progressed into the electronic side of music exploring genres such as Hardstyle, Hard Dance and UK Hardcore.

In 2009, at age 17, his parents bought him his first midi controller for his birthday and he started mixing some of his favourite tracks together. Then in 2011 Zerosis went to Warehouse, where he discovered dubtep music. He then put aside the massive kicks that he enjoyed so much and started his love affair with sub bass frequencies. In late 2011 he got his first taste of djing in the club scene playing twice (including new years eve) at The Clubhouse.

Then in June of 2012 he got his first big break after winning a competition that the True Jungle Souljahs held to support Crissy Criss. Since then he has moved away from all the brostep and found his musical style in that of Neurofunk and Dark Drum n Bass, really enjoying artists such as Spor, Break, Amoss and Zero Method. Expect big things to come from Zerosis in the coming months as he expands his Djing away from the digital style and starts embracing the wax!



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